Sites for Sore Eyes...

 Sailing Related Sites

    The Corinthian Yacht Club, Marblehead, Mass. USA      A fine yacht club of which I am proud
          to be a member

    Mike Golding - Yacht Racing Skipper      Mike Golding Yacht Racing

    Ellen MacArthur      The wonderful English Vendee Globe and
          Jules Verne Round the World star...

    The OC Group     A stable for some pedigree sailors and sailing events,
           Ellen MacArthur included...

    FICO     Created in 1986, FICO presides over the future of oceanic yacht racing

    International Sailing Federation     Rules international sailing

    The Sailing Source     Full of sailing information, as the name suggests

    Royal Ocean Racing Club     Website for this prestigeous club: Regatta
           Schedules, Membership, Measurement Criteria etc.

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club     A fine place who were generous hosts to me and
           others for three months in 1998.

    The Royal Yachting Association     Everything for the person afloat in whatever...

    PPL Sailing Picture Library     Huge library! Archives for Whitbread, British
           Steel Challenge, BOC, America's Cup, Tall Ships etc. The lot!

    IPC's Yachting World and other Boating Magazines    Yachting World - top notch
            magazine, as are the others...

    The (British) Shipping Forecast     A British radio 'institution', now on the

    H.M. Coastguard     Thank you for your hard work, Coastguards all...

On Line News, Publications etc.

    BBC News     Auntie's rolling news pages...

    BBC Home Page     The Beeb! There's nothing more to say

    Naked News    Victoria Sinclair and friends give the news a new look!

    Press Association     Very 'on the ball', this lot. Well worth looking at

    CNN Interactive     CNN doing what they do - and doing it very well...

    The Times of London

    The Sun      Top Red Top! Not just Page Three (although there still is a page three!) apparently

Travel Related Stuff

    The (British) Met. Office     All that fancy kit they've got now and it still rained
            at Auntie Flo's wedding...

    Earth Viewer by John Walker     A wonderful site. Play with the thing, and
            get stunning pictures of the Earth, the Moon, all sorts...

    A Currency Calculator     Roubles to Yen? Pounds to Dollars?

    Time & Date     So what is the time in Lima? Unexciting but quite handy!

Music Sites

    Net Music    Great streaming music of all genres

Some Excellent Others

    ARKive     NEW! The Noah's Ark for the Internet era - the world's centralised digital
           library of films, photographs and sound recordings of species, accessible to all
           via the world wide web

    Joolz Denby - Poet     Joolz has been a professional writer, spoken-word performer and
           illustrative artist for over twenty years, and is considered to be Britain's premier
           woman spoken-word artist and urban storyteller

    British Pathe      The world's first digital news archive.

    The British Monarchy Page     Good day to you, Ma'am...

    Abingdon School, Abingdon UK     My Alma Mater. So now they have a website!
           Of course in my day you were lucky to have a...

    MapQuest     Tells you how to get there...!

    Google Maps     Another fine mapping program

    Ask Jeeves     Another very good search engine...

    HTML Goodies By Dr. Joe Burns     You want to learn HTML? - go check out
           Dr. Joe Burns' pages. I did!

    Thank You     How to say thank you in every language on earth.

    Star Seeker     Got a favorite 'Personality'? Want a picture? It's probably here...